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A digital home for Peter Bloomfield's photographs of the Barbican being built.

I also reshot some of Bloomfield's photos for a Then-and-Now section.

Design & Development & Photography

Find out what the moon is doing tonight. Or now. Or in 7 years, 2 months, and 10 days. Etc.

Concept & Design & Development

A series of sites for the promotion of an Aphex Twin EP release, featuring a holding page for a video, a glitchy teaser, and a room with a synth on a plinth. The latter was used as an embedded iframe on a page for streaming the EP.

Design & Development

A vast number of jumbled paintings from the Rijksmuseum collection are available here for you to unjumble, jigsaw-wise.

Concept & Design & Development

Photographs and an audio narrative are combined here to coincide with the Barbican's exhibition Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers, curated by Martin Parr.

Design & Development

An appy portfolio with speedy page transitions, slidy colourful link hovers, and a bespoke music player complete with spinning record.

Design & Development

Single page portfolio for the D&AD award winning photographer Jess Koppel. Features a custom-built 3D image carousel that's swipeable on touch devices.

Design & Development

Ink and water on tracing paper and OHP sheets, animated by you with the help of some code. Never has digital been so wet.

Concept & Design & Development

Lovely floaty portfolio for the animating, illustrating talent that is Bloodsausage. Karl Lagerfeld gets electrocuted and an old beggar turns to dust.

Design & Development

Great photographs. Great website. What more do you need? (Potential conflict of interest here.)

Design & Development

These are some sites I've developed, helped develop, or in some way not been 100% responsible for how they are or came to be.

There are problems associated with buying generic looking bags. Fortunately there are also these things on the internet. I hope they balance each other out. Educate yourself: read a nature video.

"Existence precedes essence" wrote Jean-Paul Sarte in 1946. Meaning: you just are before you are anything in particular.

And now, double-digits deep into the 21st century, another existential truth has arisen: web-presence precedes existence.

So, if you're the kind of person who likes to be, you better hypertext your soul.

I conceive, design, and develop web-based projects.

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